“Technology is dominated by two types of people: those who understand what they do not manage and those who manage what they do not understand.”
— Archibald Putt



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Website Development

VAYA always puts forth the importance of reality, beauty, and engagement for your website. We have been churning the right formulas to excite both our clients and end users through our website development. Our creations are not only beautiful, but also is an experience.

Social Media Management

VAYA proudly offers the service of crafting the most trusted and effective marketing media in the world. Social media marketing opens a wide opportunity for many businesses to grow, build, and interact with their customer bases, not to mention influence the target market.

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Digital Advertising

Visibility is the key to success in online marketing or e-commerce businesses. Digital marketing does just that, whether through search ads, display advertising or video ads, we are committed to elevate your business to a level that you have never imagined before, increasing your visibility to millions of people online. This new and refined digital platform provides targeted and measurable action to your objectives, including online sales, growing brand awareness, and driving leads.

Business Development

As a Digital Marketing Agency, we really understand that communicating a business and its ideas and products is challenging. Therefore, with us, you will get strategies and ideas for marketing your products based on hundreds of experiences of other business people who have become our clients. we guarantee that you work with one of the best digital marketing agencies in Indonesia.

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SMS Blast

VAYA provides SMS Broadcast services for your business with a practical and easy solution to providing the right information and promotions to increase your business in an efficient way to be immediately accepted by your prospective customers. The services we currently offer you are: SMS Broadcast, SMS LBA, SMS Trigger, and SMS Long Number.

E-Commerce Management

vaya is an E-Commerce Management solution for those of you who have businesses from various industries to sell on the market place platform. we can help you to organize the market place to be more interactive and interesting to increase your sales, with our best team who have experience in the world of e-commerce we are ready to help you.

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